"First impressions aren't as important as second or third impressions."- Said no one, ever.


Headshot Photography Pricing & Information.

photography by meredyth and joe's headshot photography pricing

Why is headshot photography so important? That's like asking why first impressions are so important. First impressions are literally just that, the very first opportunity you have to make a positive impression, or a negative impression.  In a perfect world, we'd have the ability to fall back on a second impression after a failed first impression, but this isn't a perfect world. We all know a failed first impression often leads to no chance to a second impression at all.  This is why the headshot photography that represents you is critical, and many times, it is the ONLY opportunity you have to make a lasting, positive impression.  

   "This is why the headshot photography that represents you is critical, and many times, it is the ONLY opportunity you have to make a lasting, positive impression."  

Why choose Photography by Meredyth and Joe for your headshot photography?

Why choose Photography by Meredyth and Joe for your headshot photography?  The number one reason why is because we care about first impressions just as much as you do, and consider providing you with the highest quality headshot to be of the utmost importance.  The highest quality headshot is there for you to obtain that job position, acting roll, or profile picture so that you can do what you do best, and creating the highest quality headshot for you is what we do best. 

One of the key factors that sets us apart from other headshot photographers is simplicity.  Keeping our headshot photography packages as simple as possible is very important to us, because we know that the last thing you need to help you choose the right photographer for you is to be thrown a dozen different packages, that include everything under the sun.  It's confusing, and distracting from what's important when you see a photographer offer 5 packages with too similar wording, slight differences, but different enough to make you go back and fourth a dozen times, and a crazy amount of photos.  Since when does the casting directer agree to look at a folder with 30 or 40 headshot's of yourself, but only one headshot from everyone else?  They don't, it's that one headshot that you have to grab their attention, and make them want to see more.  Since when did that Linkined profile picture turn into a slideshow for you display 3 dozen headshot's?  It didn't, it is still only one profile photo, and that one profile photo is what will represent you.  

Why does Photography by Meredyth and Joe only include retouching on 4 of the photos taken during the full session, and 2 from a power hour session?   The answer to this question is simple, the goal that you're setting out to reach is to choose the best headshot that showcases you the best, and that's pretty hard to argue.  What else is hard to argue is that if a person get too many option when trying to make a choice, we tend to feel more over whelmed, and more time than not, choose unwisely.  If we shoot 75 photos, and include 30 to be retouched, and later you are trying to choose the best headshot that showcases you the best for your profile photo, resume photo, business page, or to send to that casting director, you're going to have too many options that are so similar, make the best choice just become more and more difficult.  If making that very important choice   becomes more and more difficult, then we haven't done our job.  

Now ask yourself, if we take 75 photos during the photo shoot, and review each of the photos together, deleting the ones we both feel don't work, narrowing the field to your best 20-25, and then you have the ability for the next 7 days to review your photos with friends, family, co-workers, agents or even just to sleep on it to look at it with fresh eyes knowing you have to choose 4 to be professionally retouched, how much more likely are you to end up with the 4 best shots that were taken that day?  How much more likely are you to choose 4 photos that represent your best? How happier will you be knowing that you won't have to sit there, and stare at 3 dozen edited photos, trying to decide which photo will become that profile photo, or to send to that casting director?  Let's say in the event you send that casting a director a headshot chosen from a stack headshot's that came with the other photographers packages, and weeks go by, and you don't hear anything back. How much will you stress, asking yourself 'Did I send it the right headshot?"  

This is all to say that when your paying us with the money you've earned, and standing in front of our camera, it's quality verse quantity that defines that very moment right before we press that shutter button.  When we're looking through that viewfinder, we take pride in what we're about to capture.  To us, that headshot not only represents you, it also represents us. 

What does our headshot photography process look like?

Like we said, simplicity is key, so regardless if you choose the power hour session, full session or if your one of our returning clients, the process is the same.  

Step 1: You contact us, letting us know which session you'd like.  We then contact you to schedule your session, and we send you an invoice to your email, allowing you to securely pay for your session online using debt/credit.

Step 2: You let us know whether or not you'd like hair or makeup during your photoshoot.(Separate charge, see more info below)

Step 3: You show up for you photoshoot on the date scheduled. We review all of the photos taken during the shoot together to narrow down the selection to only the best.

Step 4: Once you leave, the remaining photos are uploaded to an online gallery where you have 1 week from your photoshoot date to choose the photos you'd like to be retouched. 

Step 5: Once you've chosen the photos, we personally retouch each of them individually. We then upload them to the same gallery for you to download digitally. 

As you can see our headshot photography process is pretty straight forward, and whether or not you want hair and makeup there for you, you may even skip over step 2.  Hair and makeup is an extra charge because we are not the ones doing your hair, and makeup.  We work with a trusted freelance makeup artists and you will be paying them directly, they require cash the day of the shoot. If you do require hair/makeup, we will discuss more about what your needs are during our first phone call, and can quote you better for their services then.  

Power Hour

1 Hour Session

2 Looks

Includes retouching on 2 photos

Returning Client Discount
Never pay full price again.

2 Hour Session

Up to 4 Looks

Includes retouching on 4 photos.